Amended Tax Returns 

Fucito, Giaccio and Associates can amend any tax return that has been filed within the last three years to reflect proper information due to error or audit.  When we prepare a new client’s tax return, we always review the prior tax return for accuracy.  If we should find an error, we will inform the taxpayer of the potential refund or balance due. This is at no additional cost to you. 

Installment Payment Plans on Federal and State Taxes


If you have a large tax balance that cannot be paid at one time, we recommend an installment agreement with the IRS or the state taxing authority.  Installment payment plans are tailored to the individual taxpayer.  In certain instances, we recommend an offer-in-compromise.  This is where we offer a small percentage of the tax balance due as a full settlement.


Offers in Compromise


This is useful when a taxpayer owes a substantial amount of money to the IRS or State taxing authority, and the tax cannot be paid off.  If you cannot pay the tax, we prepare an offer in compromise.  We offer only a percentage of the tax balance as full settlement of the tax balance without penalty.  This is a substantial savings for the taxpayer.





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