Tax Audits

Tax audits usually occur for one of two reasons.  The first would be an unusual amount of expenses within certain categories are incurred as compared to income claimed.  The other is a result of a computer generated flag to do comparisons to other related returns. 

The taxpayer should never handle income tax audits alone.  Many revenue agents try to intimidate the taxpayer into paying taxes they do not owe.  We know the dos and doníts of tax audits.  We know the best way to handle each individual situation.  In a majority of instances we can get penalties that are accessed on the audit abated.  Please leave tax audits in the hands of professionals


Several taxpayers receive correspondence from the IRS or State Taxing Authority.  First of all Donít Panic.  Let us handle the notice.  We have the knowledge and experience to analyze and respond to these notices on your behalf.



Having your accountant represent you to the IRS is not unlike having an attorney in court with you.  Your accountant knows your finances and can explain in detail the receipts responsible for the expenses claimed.


We have over twenty years of experience in communicating with the IRS and State Taxing Authoritiesí and handling tax audits.  We are here to represent you, fight for you help you understand and obtain the best tax break available to you.






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