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An Accountant is not only 100% trained and experienced in the extremely complicated world of taxation, but his or her license also requires continuing education in the field.  When you own a home, have investments, own a business or have other sources of income, you need an Accountant to prepare your tax return.  When you have assets, investments, life changes, relocate, income fluctuations, a business or outside sources of income, the tax deduction and credit options available to you are numerous, and very often confusing.   We have over twenty years of extensive experience with tax preparation and will ensure that every detail is considered and that you receive every possible deduction and credit to which you are entitled.  Our fee is based on an honest hourly rate.  If it takes half an hour you will only be charged for half an hour.  After your first consultation, you will know what the total approximate fee will be, and you will be under no obligation to have us continue with your work.



If you are like most business, you have knowledge, drive, and a strong affinity for your industry.  You know your product inside out and enjoy promoting it and generating enthusiasm for it.  However, every business is in existence to make money, and every business requires money to keep it alive.  Keeping track of the money that you earn, spending and saving is crucial to your success.  Do you have as much knowledge, drive and affinity for financial record keeping as you do for your company?  Most people donít, and for them the nominal cost of having a professional take care of their all-important financial needs is well worth it.  Even if you have an in-house bookkeeper, or your own computer software to take care of daily transactions, do you know what the numbers actually mean in terms of true profit?  Are you up to date on the sales and payroll tax regulations and due dates?  Can you read the trends in Financial Statements to know where you are succeeding and where you need to pay closer attention?  Do you understand the different advantages and disadvantages of operating as a sole proprietorship, a C corporation or an S corporation?  Can you figure depreciation schedules on capital assets (like machinery, furniture and computers) for your corporate return?  Even the best auto mechanic, sporting goods retailer or insurance agent needs to deal with these issues, and many, many more.  We deal with them every day.  They donít need to be a burden to you, or a distraction to you.  You need to do what you do best, and we can help you be successful by doing what we do best.  Please call us for assistance.


When you hire an Accountant for his or her expertise and experience, you are entitled to have their personal attention, not only to the job at hand, but to all of your financial needs.  Joe Fucito is always accessible to his clients, ready to listen to their questions and concerns, available to give answers and to research unusual or special circumstances.  His clients can call him with tax questions any time of the year and receive prompt answers.  There are many large accounting firms who do excellent work, but who utilize scores of assistants to intercept the majority of inquiries and jobs.  Joe Fucito is committed to creating personal as well as professional relationships with his clients, our company probably will not become big or famous, but we would rather be very good at what we do, at a competitive price, and be able to offer our clients the personal attention that they deserve.



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