Income Tax Preparation

Joe Fucito, owner and operator of FG&A, offers a wealth of knowledge to his clients.  With twenty years of education and experience in state and federal returns for corporate, fiduciary, sole proprietor and individual clients, plus complete tax code updates as provided by PPC, to his credit, Joe takes the needs of every client very seriously.  He meets personally with everyone and oversees every return to ensure completeness, accuracy and punctuality.


Fucito, Giaccio & Associates utilizes the same top-of-the-line tax preparation software used by many of the larger firms.  Our clients are provided with the highest quality work at very reasonable rates.  Federal, State and local income tax returns are thoroughly and promptly prepared and professionally presented. 


We have extremely comprehensive experience with rentals, partnerships, sole proprietorships, capital gains and losses, sale of residence and gambling’s winnings or losses.  Every possible deduction and credit will be carefully considered and calculated. 



We prepare hundreds of sole-proprietor returns every year.  With the proper tax planning, we can save a freelancer thousands of dollars per year.  We determine if you should incorporate how to put money into retirement plans and save for the future.

Electronic Filing

We can prepare your personal income tax return and file the return electronically.  This enables your tax refund to be deposited directly to your bank account by the IRS, usually within 7 to 10 days to process.  If you are receiving large refunds, or need the money, electronic filing is a great option for you.


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