A&P Payroll Services is a division of Fucito, Giaccio & Associates.  We offer more than bare-bones service; furthermore we are confident that you will find our fees budget-friendly.


We provide all the same features that larger payroll service companies offer.  However our fees are very competitive and guaranteed to beat the competition by at least 10%.  Additionally, we offer even more personalized service to fit the needs of your small business. 


You provide our staff with your payroll hours, we will handle everything from there.  Why not relieve yourself of the worries of potential penalty charges and let us  handle your tax payments too?   We can help you meet all your payroll and tax responsibilities. Furthermore we will handle all tax calculations, deposits, and filings for you.


A&P Payroll Services is directed by an accountant, assuring you accurate and professional service… Trust your payroll to the professionals.    We have the capability to manage worker’s compensation and vacation accrual, sick leave, employee advances, wage garnishments, etc.

            ...virtually any payroll need your business has.


With FG&A and A&P Payroll Services you will enjoy the benefits of:


Ø      Customized Design

We work directly with you to set up a system that meets your specific banking, tax, time and personal needs.


Ø      Personalized Service

You work directly with an accountant, not a sales representative or   receptionist.                                                                                 


Ø      Automated Accountability

When you are handed your payroll, you will also receive complete detail on checks issued, any special reports you may have requested, an invoice for services and a deduction of fees.


Ø      Formal Paychecks or Direct Deposit

We can provide your employees either formal paychecks or have their payroll directly deposited into their bank account.


Ø      Complete Reporting Services

Payroll Reports

·        Summary Register

·        Paycheck Register

·        P/R Year to Date Deductions Report

·        P/R Payroll Journal

·        P/R Employee QTD/YTD Earnings Data Detail

·        P/R Workers Compensation Report


Ø      Direct Payroll Liability Payments To The IRS And To The State.

Every deposit period, A&P payroll will deposit Social Security, Medicare, Federal Withholding, Federal Unemployment, State Withholding, State Unemployment, Disability and Local Payroll Taxes.


We accomplish this by regularly setting aside funds as tax liabilities are incurred. This prevents your company from having to come up with a large lump sum at the time when taxes must be deposited.


If you prefer, we can make it easier by deducting tax liabilities on payroll check dates. As a result, you are provided with more predictability and control in the business’ monetary aspects.


Ø      We Assume All Responsibility For Accurate And Timely Payments

We stay abreast of all the changes in the tax laws so you don't have to. Furthermore you will never have to worry about late or inaccurate tax filing or payments again.  FG&A assumes the responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of your deposits and returns.


Ø      Preparation And Filing Of Federal And State Quarterly Returns

We calculate your employee's Federal, State and Local Income Tax every pay period and provide you with reports which include amounts and dates for deposits to the appropriate taxing agencies.

We prepare state and local tax returns at the end of the quarter or calendar year (depending on state and local requirements) and deliver these to you in a quarter-end package.

On a quarterly and annual basis, A&P Payroll Services files all appropriate returns, gives you a detailed listing of tax liabilities, and supplies you copies of returns for your records.

Ø      Year-End W2 Preparation

FG&A will prepare all of your end of the year reports including the production of W2 forms for your employees. 





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