Tax Planning

Joe Fucito is very familiar with the decisions and transactions that end up having significant effects on our tax bills.  If you have income from sources other than salary, such as freelance work, partnerships, or sole proprietorships we can compute your taxes for the coming year.  This will ensure that you withhold enough money from your paycheck or make adequate estimated payments to cover your anticipated liability. 


We can counsel you regarding tax savings you can expect from an annual IRA or other retirement plan contribution.  We can show you the benefits of a variety of IRAs that far out perform financial institutions.  We can also demonstrate tax credit programs that reduce your tax bill while increasing your investment, plans that will provide for a college education and retirement income.


We can advise you of the tax implications of purchases or sales, investments, schooling, relocation, or business startups or expansions you plan to make in the coming tax year.  Our goal is to make sure you keep as much as possible of what you earn.


Financial Planning


A customized financial plan is designed to help you financially prepare for the future.  In this plan we would offer a complete cash flow analysis and make suggestions on ways to reduce income to debt ratios.


We design your financial plan to meet your individual needs.  We can utilize our experience and expertise to help you prepare for your retirement, your children’s education and succession of your business while you plan on living care free into your golden years.


Financial Analysis

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Custom Reporting



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